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Clark and Lois Icons

Clark and Lois in all media.

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Welcome to Clois_Icons! The purpose of this community is to post and share icons of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in all their incarnations. Please read the rules before posting.

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1. No swearing or offensive material is allowed on the icons. I'm pretty leanient, but if you're not sure about the content, email the icon to me (annaebanana at yahoo dot com) and I'll tell you whether or not it's okay.
2. If you post more than three icons, put them under a cut.
3. If your icons contain spoilers, put them under a cut. This applies to the newest Smallville ep until a week after it's aired in the US and any pics of future Smallville eps. Icons of the actors in promo pics (pics of them not actually on set) do not have to go under a cut.
4. Follow the icon maker's crediting rules. If they ask for credit, give them credit.
5. Other graphics, including wallpapers, banners, etc., are also allowed here. Please put any and all graphics larger than 300x300 under a cut.
6. Icon requests are not allowed, unless the icon maker says they are taking requests. In other words, you cannot post to ask for an icon to be made, but if an icon maker mentions that they are taking requests, you can comment to that post with your request.

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Contact bananners if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions for this community.

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